mornings like these

When morning comes too early and sleep is still your best friend.Simply Refusing to consider dragging your tired body out from under the snugly warm covers. A groan escape from your lips as you pull the blankets up over your head Blindly smacking the snooze button.  Until finally you crawl out of bed and realize. It’s later than you thought.Your already rushed morning just became CrAzY.The baby wakes up grouchy and soaked.Her sweet little face is caked with dried on snot.  Will this sickness end?You find the other two quietly in front of the computer absorbed in an online show and now I have to compete for their attention.What do you want for breakfast?Macaroni and Cheese or soup for lunch? lunches need to be made and packed and you realize that perhaps you might need to grocery shop twice in the week to make sure there are healthy food choices to pack in their lunches.Raisins and pineapples go together right?I didn’t think so either.Scrounge around the kitchen searching for lunch boxes and water bottles.Where are their water bottles?
Random thoughts flood my sleepy brain and simplified answers dissipate.Did we do both sets of home reading last night? I think so but I double check the agenda to see if my signature has confirmed our practice time.Spelling words?  Did we practice those spelling words enough?Silently I pray that God will help them remember how to spell this weeks lists.*sigh* Chase the kids away from the computer and half eaten bowls of rice Krispies shouting as they run up the stairs“Hurry, you need to change out of Pajamas and find something appropriate to wear! Don’t forget to bush your Hair & Teeth.”We are running out of time.Down come one sporting a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.Won’t work well in the crisp autumn air so back up he goes to change while I follow close behind to change the baby’s diaper.Elbows deep into the diaper wipes I look up and watch as my son struts out of his bedroom wearing a pair girl friend jeans” then he asks: 
“Mom, are these girl jeans?”
Yes buddy, yes they are. 
His little sisters jeans have snuck into his pile of laundry and he chose those because the only clean pair of pants he has stuffed in his drawer he hates.
Dashing outside and quickly realized I should have either gone outside earlier to warm up the van & defrosted the windows or found the scraper like you were intending to yesterday. Grab the kids, lock the door to the house and a quick look at the dashboard clock and you realize there is no way you are going to actually catch the school bus in time so instead you drive them to school for the second time this week.**deep breath in, deep breath out.**we made it.Now,time for a coffee.Off to Tim’s for a much needed break.Slow drive home while you savor a few sips.Pull up into the driveway.Turn off the van.Open door to get the baby when you realize she has thrown up.All over herself and all over her car seat.*sigh*Unbuckle the car seat so you can carry her in it into the house.Clean up baby.Strip padding off of seat.Throw her life line.Her precious “dibi dibi” into the wash along with the car seat gear.But so far, she hasn’t noticed.Tears of frustration over her toys being snagged.Feverish snuggles with me as she uses my shirt to wipe her nose.Nasty sounding coughs have replaced her giggles today.With mornings like this it’s safe to say…                 I can’t wait for nap time!