Father’s Day for Mom and Dad

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Father’s Day for Mom and Dad
In May, we celebrate motherhood, and in June, we toast fathers. If, like me, you find parenthood to be a much more collaborative affair, consider how you and your husband can celebrate Father’s Day together. My family has a tradition of giving gifts with a dose of enlightened self-interest. This means that the gift, while fully appreciated by the recipient, has benefits for the giver as well.
Are there any guilty pleasures that the two of you enjoy together? There are a couple of television shows my husband and I like to enjoy after the kids go to bed. Yes, we are so addicted to them that we’ve gotten the DVDs of some seasons so we can watch our favorite episodes repeatedly. I gave a couple of those seasons to him as Father’s Day gifts.
Another guilty pleasure my husband and I enjoy is wine tasting. One year, I got him a wine club membership. For an entire year, we enjoyed sharing new vintages together each month. The following year, he returned the favor to me on Mother’s Day. A fun activity we do is when we drink the wine we set aside a night and prepare a special home cooked meal to go along with it. Having little things like that to look forward to at night makes the day go by quicker.
If you need to get away and relax awhile, chances are your husband could use a break too. Give him a resort trip for two, and he’ll be sure to bring you along. At the resort, you can go your separate ways and enjoy activities that appeal to you personally. He might enjoy golf and a spa treatment. You might enjoy the poker tables, or it could be the other way around. After you’ve indulged in personal activities, meet again in the evening for a romantic dinner together.

Take your husband out for a romantic dinner for two at a restaurant that he has always wanted to try. Plan for the babysitter to plan a special dinner for your children while you are away so that they do not feel left out. Then come back home to finish off the night with a special Father’s Day dessert with the kids. A romantic dinner for two is a great treat for your husband and for you as well, as the two of you may rarely get away for some intentional alone time. Father’s Day is a great day to try out a new restaurant.

There are many ways to make Father’s Day a celebration of both of you as a couple. He wouldn’t be nearly as great a dad without your help after all. Besides, when you’re happy, it will make his day even better. This year, turn your back on selfless giving and try giving with enlightened self-interest instead. This way, your entire family wins.