a clean slate and a fresh start…

Sometimes I get the best email, sometimes my morning is wasted with junk but sometimes little nuggets get tucked in amongst the trash.

like this lovely piece.  It was hidden among the 3147907897 email messages I went thru this morning but  had to share this one with you…minus the “you need to buy” stuff at the end. 

Hope you get as much out of it as I did.

Well, YOU did it!

You made it through a year of ups and 
downs and bumps and lumps and little 
unexpected hurdles.

You made it through a year of eating 
a bit too much and not saying enough

And no matter how many times you slipped
and dipped your spiritual foot 
into the sea of disappointment, loss, 
struggle and "failure", 
YOU stayed in the game!

And now here we sit at the cusp of a 
great, new beginning...

a clean slate and a fresh start...

Whether you have pounds to shed, 
love to attract, hearts to heal, 
or pennies to spill from your 
philanthropic pockets...

...now is your time to dare to dream
of what's possible.

Today, you start living it!