There and back again…

All of us have at least one CrAzY day a week.
sometimes it might feel like every day is a crazy day we try and stuff them so full.

Mine is Wednesday.

After work I get a chance to facilitating a Bible study group with a bunch of amazing women so my night is just as busy and full as my day already has been. 
I take the girls with me and Big Daddy sneaks off with our son to take in a muay thai class.
So normally I strive for a nice quite day at home.
That wasn’t the case yesterday. 
With two different trips to the airport we I spent nap time in the van listening to two snoring toddlers. 

**sigh** So, there went my workout.

We had a failed visit with my day home provider yet I some how managed to make 4 dozen muffins {Apple maple & banana chocolate chip} plus Mr.D was stung by a wasp at school.
He told me that he “tried to stay really still but he still bit me so I smacked him”.  **groan**
I feel like I have been there and back again but didn’t get a chance to stop in the middle and enjoy much of it!

 I didn’t forget, I just didn’t get a chance to post what I made for lunches. Here is what I fed my monkeys! 
Yesterday’s lunch #12
  • shipwrecks dinner 
  • banana chocolate chip muffin
  • celery sticks and baby carrots 
  • ranch dressing “dip”
  • yogurt
todays lunch #13
  • raspberry jam sandwich on whole wheat bread
  • blueberries
  • celery sticks and baby carrots
  • ranch dressing “dip”
  • apple maple muffin
  • Yogurt 

 Honestly, I wanted to pack them the cottage cheese pancakes we had for dinner last night but I haven’t figured out the best way to keep them warm.  Yuck, who wants to eat cold pancakes?
Plus, I am beginning to feel like I am in a muffin rutIs that even possible?  
Maybe I shouldn’t have purchased that mini muffin pan….
What are you packing in your little ones lunches or you stuck in a rut like me?