Pardon the mess!

It might take me a little longer than I expected to figure out exactly what I am doing but I will.

The format with wordpress is quite a bit different than I am used too.

I felt a little overwhelmed at first and wondered if this was out of my range but you know the old saying “learn something new each day”.  Well, this is mine!  So, please be patient if you notice that posts are disappearing then magically reappearing.  I still haven’t figured out what theme shouts “me”.

From a newbie point of view..wordpress is extremely overwhelming.

It took me 8 hours yesterday fiddle farting around so today I only tinkered for a little bit trying not to get too overwhelmed.

As I mentioned to my friend Kathy this afternoon if you want to start blogging start on wordpress.  Get all the hard stuff out of the way early on then the rest is smooth sailing.

I’m a little worried my “followers” will get lost along the way but lets be real here.

Who walks into a room starts jumping up and down like an idiot asking people to “like them”.

Or is it just me who hasn’t seen anyone doing that?

I’m looking at this “move” as a clean slate.  Toss what doesn’t work, clean up what does make it cozy and more… me.

Thanks for stopping by and a huge thank you to the bloggers who have held out an olive branch while I transition from Blogger to WordPress.

Let the learning begin!