It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


I don’t know what Saturday looked like for you but this morning The kids Wrestled the Christmas tree out from it’s hiding spot under the stairs.
While they played I “fluffed” the tree while the kids quietly played.

I haven’t had a chance to properly decorated our tree yet but it’s not for lack of help.

My littlest was busy adding mr.potato pieces and the odd assortment of play food into its branches while I worked but none if them are there now.

Truth be told I would rather tuck the tree skirt under the tree and leave it as is but I’m convinced that there would be a family revolt.

The white simple lights are elegant and I for one love the look.

Doubt the kids will agree with me.

Most of the presents have already been purchased and wrapped but there are a few thing we need to pick up.

The Christmas music blaring in the background while the little ones helped decorate our gingerbread mini village.

Daddy “glued” the village together while the kids scattered and t wasn’t until the candy came out they were convinced to get their fingers sticky.


I’m feeling a little guilty that the stockings aren’t hung and our front door is sadly missing a wreath.
But not guilty enough to convince me to get my lazy bones off the couch.

Christmas has come a little later than expected but I can’t help wondering if the only thing missing had been the whole holiday hoopla.

You know what I mean.

The parties, the fancy dresses, loud music and festive drinks.

I’m self employed so there won’t be a party.
My hubby is in school so we missed the boat this year with him too.

Parties always make things feel more festive right?

Who doesn’t like to get pampered and dressed up? I’m not suffering from the blues but I took a peak of my sadly “in need of a pedicure” toes and if I had to guess that would be the first tattle tail sign that we haven’t RSVP for anything.

I’m not complaining but I might just have to sneak away and get my toes done.

Christmas Eve is only a few days away and we will be spending the night with friends and family at church.

I’m looking forward to watching my daughters twirl around and around in their matching dresses. To see their excited faces while they open their Christmas Eve presents while I sip a glass of egg nog this Christmas Eve.

Celebrating with those I love.

My parents, nephew and sister won’t be here again this year so that’s probably why I’m feeling a little down.
Christmas just isn’t the same without then celebrating with us.

We haven’t even picked up our Christmas turkey either.

Ack!! Perhaps I should get my butt off the couch….