See me, I’m the one waving the white flag

Another saturday morning plunking away at the keyboard sipping my mug of stone cold coffee scouring the net for recipes.
Maybe I shouldn’t have nibble on those mini oatmeal muffins then this entire process would be easier.
I’m not having much luck to be totally honest with you.
Nothing looks good.
It’s hard to plan anything when I am chasing a baby out of the pantry for the gazzilionth time or “helping” her as she tries to scramble over mount mom so she doesn’t kick over my almost empty coffee cup.
I feel like waving a white flag… I need some help this week.
Or extra money so I can cheat and order out.
Yeah, that’s not doable either.
  This week I am “trying” to use as many ingredients we already have here at the house so we can cut our food costs down.
Plus, we are now into “crazy busy” so our meals need to be quick to make and even quicker to eat.
Any by busy I mean I spend most of my life driving: dance lessons
{4 nights a week}, Muay thai {twice a week} plus don’t forget Bible study & Youth Group.
I would love to try this homemade crock pot applesauce and my really good friend shared with me her grandma’s homemade bread recipe. The smells would be heavenly but the bread needs to rise 3 times with an hour wait time in between.
This is what I have come up with so far:
Now I just need to scour the flyers to see where the best prices are so I can get some good deals.
                And I need a refill on my coffee!
The hunt is on….