What are you reading in 2014?


” All the books in the library holding their breath waiting to be taken by a kid just like me”

-Abigail age 7

I will admit, I am beyond excited that I am raising a houseful of young readers with a ferocious appetite for a great books.

I’m very much like that too.

I latch a series and finish it before I move on to something new.  It’s almost painful when you have to wait an entire year for the next book in the series but I have done that.

Sometimes I already know what I want to read next and have a huge stack waiting on my night side table.

Sometimes I feel like I’m floundering around for a couple of days waiting for the right book to catch my interest.

Awhile ago I read an article by Huffington post of the ” 30 books that should be read in your 30s”.

Perfect starting point if you’re looking for something to read right?

I scrolled up and down that list but I just couldn’t find anything  I wanted to read.


Perhaps  I have  diverse tastes but nothing appealed to me but I think it’s simpler than that.

My husband can vouch for me on this one.  Tell me I just ” have” to try this or do that and something inside of me slams shut and I don’t want anything to do with it. At all.

I’ve been trying to work on that flawed character trait.

I haven’t read a romance novel since college and to this day I feel were directly responsible for many of my unrealistic relational expectations and more horrible dates than I care to remember; but that’s a post for another time.

I don’t read true crime books because they are just too graphic for my taste and out of respect for the victims I just can’t put a book like that in my library.  Perhaps I am just too picky?

I’m not “stuck” for anything to read now as I have two books “on the go” already.The first book we are reading As a church.  I know this might sound a little strange at first but just hear me out.  We are spending the next six weeks submerged in a book called “not a fan” by Kyle Idleman.  We will be hearing sermons preached on this book and our small group discussing it on our study night.  Great way to get into a book eh!

photoIt’s about being a completes the committed follower of Jesus and what that looks like.  I read the prologue (which I never ever read) and was instantly hooked so every free chance I have had I sneak off somewhere quiet to read.


The second book saving space on my Kobo is Unspoken  by one of my favorite authors Dee Henderson which I am super excited about AND when I peaked on Amazon I learned that in April she will be releasing another new book so I will have something to look forward too.

Three, I have three books.  That should last me till oh, February and then I will start looking all over again.  What about you? **sigh**

What are you reading in 2014?

**updated** because this is too good to keep to myself but it’s only available until the 10th of January so act fast!

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