Storm Watchers and bullies in high heals

Throughout my life I have been curious, scared stupid and left with my mouth hung open in awe and wonder watching the lighting as it dances across the sky.  
I like to jump in the puddles and dance in the rain.  
That’s just who I am.

In nature, storms are wonderful to watch and I just might be the  only one who enjoyed all the storms we saw this summer.
Don’t worry mom, I am not about to abandon my life and become a storm chaser.
That would be nuts.
But, the weather isn’t on my heart today.
When Storms happen to peoples lives, that’s something entirely different.
We tend to “group” together when we see one of our friends hurting or doing something we know is going to lead them to a place they don’t ever want to be.

I’m not sure why I was evaluation the kinds of people who are in my life but while I waited in line for my coffee this morning something prompted me to take a closer look.

I have good friends that I have grown up with, laughed with, cried with and shared life with.

Friends separated by time and distance but once you are sitting side by side all that melts away and things are just as they have always been. 

I have had “friends” that were only around because they thought they could use me or hurt me or get back at someone else because they were with me. 

I have friends that pray for me, build me up & encourage me on my walk of faith.  I also have “friends” that turned their back on me because I believe something they don’t.

Friends that are toxic but with magnetic personalities so you’re constantly feeling like you are being drawn into a trap.

“Friends” that knew you 20 years ago and still hold you to that impression even thought you are far from that.  Trust me, my taste in music has greatly improved.

“Friends” that turn their back on you because you think/believe/behave differently then they expect you are going to.  If my own husband is still surprised after 11 years of marriage why would our friendship be any different?

I have Friends that don’t get bothered by anything and friends that get pissy and hold grudges over everything. Oh wait, am I supposed to hold my breath waiting for them to get over it?

I have friends that I trust to tell me the truth.
I trust they are going to call me out when I am doing something so out of character  but they love me so much they grab me by the scruff of the neck and drag me back. 

I have also had “friends” content to who stand aside and watch me stumble dangerously towards the edge of a cliff.  

Friends that are incredibly giving and some that are so selfish and self centered I wonder sometimes if they even know it.

One of the greatest gifts of being a mother is being able to look outside the box to what is really happening. It’s easy to see when your not in the thick of it.  There are no emotions tying me to the situation so I have the freedom of being able to say 
” you are so much more special then they realize. don’t let that person treat you like that” “cut that one loose, friends don’t treat friends like that” 
 But when it’s your own life… Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who is busy making excuses and allowances for the way that they are behaving. Like it was o.k. for them to spew their venom and to be treated poorly?  I wonder if I am the only one needing to head to a mirror and say those words to myself.   

I catch myself thinking or maybe it’s a wishing that someday very soon they are going to change... 
I realized this morning they aren’t going to change. At least not by themselves the only one that can help them truly change is Jesus.

All I know is,  I’m tired of people only wanting to be my friend to add to their GFC count or their numbers on facebook.  I’m much more than a number.  I’m tired of people only having me around because they want to sell me stuff or invite me to play one a a googlilling facebook games.  

Sorry, I know I used to be into all those games but the time for games has passed. I am not interested in playing “whatever newville game” has just been released.
 I am sorry to be the one to tell you but I’m not sending you a “nail” even though you only need a thousand more.
Looks like your cow just won’t be getting a sparkling halloween  barn.  
I’m tired of the clicks and the drama and the bullies in designer high heals and I’m sure you are too.

Life is too short to fill my life with those kinds of friends.

What kind of friend do I believe I am?  
I would say that I am Fiercely loyal even when I have a knife sticking out of my back.  Quick to forgive, fun to be around with a contagious laugh and great at keeping secrets. 

But,we always look at our bests when examining ourselves.
Don’t we?  
all I know for sure is I would rather watch a storm then live one.  Wouldn’t you?


“True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare
   False friends are like leaves, found everywhere.”



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