Today’s to do list

I love lists.
Grocery lists, date night idea lists,Christmas lists, “to do” lists.
I used them all the time when I was in college otherwise I probably would have forgotten to hand in that last English paper.
I had an entire book when I planned our wedding but between then and now they aren’t as frequently used.
You have probably seen someone just like me waiting in the check out line at chapters “looking” at the pre-made packet of check list. Did you catch me tossing a package them into my basket only to fish them out right back out again.
chances are I will repeat this process at least three more times before leaving them in the display and slowly walk away.
One day I will buy them.
A least that’s what I keep telling myself.
I find myself wondering who buys pre-made check off lists and use them.
Especially now that there’s An app so I remember the milk
but, I don’t think thats the real reason why I’m holding back.
writing down exactly what I had hoped {or intended} to accomplish in the course of a day has that funny way of fooling me into thinking I’m being productive.
Do you fell the same way?
But let’s be real, does anyone actually check off everything off of their “to do list” or put things on that list that they don’t want to do?
Some days every last item gets checked off our list.
Make mini muffins to pack in the children’s lunches. Check.
Chase school bus to school as driver left five minutes early. Check.
Scrub pedi-sure the baby bingo dabbed into the carpet out of the carpet. Check.
Make four beds. Check.
Turn on the dryer and re-run the towels left in the washer. Check.

Then there are days when our intentions are good but the baby is croupy and grouchy refusing to play or settle unless she is being snugged in my arms as we slowly rock back and forth in our oversized chair.
This will bump off ” scrub toilets” or ” make sure to empty the trash” off the list.
But life’s like that.
Maybe we all just need to slow down and focus on an entirely different list like this one that’s circulating around Facebook.

We tend to live life in the fast lane cramming more hours/ programs/ events into our already overly full days then God ever intended us to do.
Maybe I’m reminded of just how fast time is slipping away when I realize my oldest will be applying for university early next month.

I blinked and my squirmy little baby is almost ready to leave the nest.
Time is short. I want to add to what time we have as a family of six.
I want to live life to the fullest. I want family dinners and vacations to the mountains.
I want to create new memories, sharing new experiences while we learn and growing together. I want to snuggle my babies while they are still babies.
I want to fall in love over and over again with my husband and never take anyone for granted.
so maybe instead of adding yet another chore I put the important ones up at the top like “listen to my heart” and “just breathe”and “let go of what I can’t control”

Can you imagine how much more simplified and enjoyable our lives will become?
I’m going to find out and I dare you to find out with me.
What exactly that looks like I’m not sure.
But the journey there will be so much fun!


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