How did I become "that" mom?

I would like to believe that I am a more organized mom most days.
Especially when it comes to birthdays.

presents purchased in advance we just show up at the party so
I normally don’t have to run around like a crazy person.

What happened today?

I remember as I sipped my coffee that we had a party this afternoon which meant I had a ton of time to swing by and get a present.

With Christmas so soon I have spent every chance I have out gathering things here and there on my own so I foolishly left gift buying for today’s party till the last second.

Strike one.

I’m blaming my next strike on a combination of sleeping in and a head cold
How did I mess up the time the birthday party started?
I have no idea…
I almost spit coffee all over the invite when I realized the party started at 10:50 and I was 10:45.
Bad mommy!

Strike two.

We were a few minutes late and then I snuck off to chapters to get a quick present.

Indigo saved my butt this time with free gift wrapping as well.
The only interesting part was the 15min conversation With a Lego collector.
I didn’t know they even existed…
At least I didn’t get to three strikes but how did I turn into this mommy?
Frantically hen Pecking at red lights?
I need more coffee…

– Sweet Momma on the run


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