Still searching for my dream job..

I know, your wondering why a slightly sleep deprived women in her 30’s hasn’t already figured what my “dream job” would be by now that or worse still why am I not living it?

Dream job? **groan** what’s that?

I’m having second thoughts about keeping this question in the “30 things my kids should know about their mother”query because I am honestly drawing a big fat blank.

By nature I find contentment quite easily and it’s been awhile since I have even entertained the thought of what ” I want to be when I grow up”.

I remember stressing out when I entered my first semester of grade 12 because In my mind I foolishly thought everyone else Had “a plan” and I was left scratching my head.

They knew where they were going to go for secondary education and most had a major picked.
I could barely figure out what I was going to wear!

I’m not sure I’ve gotten much better… But considering most of “them” are already on their second Careers I guess all their readiness was for not.

For the record I did “figure out my next step”.
I attended LCC and graduated with a diploma on early childhood education.

But as my classmates before me, I know this isn’t my final step.

I enjoy quiet sunny mornings home with my kids listening to the hum of the washing machine.
But if you ask me during the middle of summer vacation when the kids are driving me nuts I might not give you the same answer.

I’m perfectly happy with an empty calendar and days left to their own but also love the structure of a full school year with dance lessons, bible study and swimming.

I love planned out events too but sometimes I find that I am digging in my heals resisting the opportunity to trying new things even after I have agreed to go.

I went to hot yoga a few weeks ago for the very first time and
I’m convince the headache I experience days before I went we’re stress related.

I fretted about fainting or puking during one of the 26 poses.
{I didn’t.}
I will go back again.. Wearing less clothes and drinking way more water.
I won’t rush out again after the class was over either..
Sometimes I need days to build up the courage to try something new but I wasn’t always that way.

When I was growing up I wanted to be a:

Princess, supermodel or a detective.

Scratch Princess off the list but I still am going to claim that title.
my prince isn’t of noble birth but he makes me feel like royalty!
scratch supermodel off too because they are away from their family’s too often and crazy stalker people like to follow them.
I wouldn’t want to obsess over my looks… I would rather developer a personality.
Be kind of heart and be happy with what I have right now.

Yeah, that would still be cool but I’m not thinking “police detective” I’m thinking more along the lines of “Nancy drew”.
I spent my summers tagging along throughout all of her crazy adventures.
if danger was my “middle name” that would be a great dream job.

But, more realistically those “dream jobs” just won”t work.

For now, I’m happy being a wife, mother, chauffeur and chef.
But when the baby heads to kindergarten I want to head back to school too.
My dream job blends two of my favorite activities.
Trying new foods and cooking!
I want to go back and become a Nutritionist.
A realist dream job… Well, for now at least!


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