How to make a chalkboard print {it’s easy!}

Trust me, If I can teach myself how to make a chalkboard printable you most definitely can too.

First you need a chalkboard background.
I found this great one.
Remember to “right click” and save it to your computer! 

Your going to want some creative chalkboard style fonts for your chalkboard print as well.

Here are the ones I used for the printable at the top of this post:

strawberry limeade
mtf sweet dings 
speedball no3 
a song for jennifer 

All of the fonts are FREE from

Once you have downloaded and installed the fonts, open your blank chalk background in your photo editing program.
I used photoshop elements 10. If you don’t have photoshop you can download a free trial version here.
Then decide what you want to type, and start typing!

As you can see I played with a couple of new fonts and added some wingdings to get it just the way I liked it.

Now its ready to print!
Just print it onto regular computer paper, trim off the white edges and frame it.

Told you it was easy….
 photo siggy-1_zps7cb710f6.png


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