Lessons from my washer

Broken Washer Remember how just last week I was complaining that I buried alive and drowing in dirty laundry?                                   My washer was behaving like a spoiled two year old throwing water all over the floor and refusing to wash properly.

After a week long “time out” we are finally on “speaking” terms again.

But we still aren’t “best friends for life” or anything like that since all this nonsense has left me holding not one but Two repair bills one for $115.00 and the other for $153.00 so you bet I am not impressed.

I did learn a couple of lessons from my washer.

* jeans and pajamas can be worm more than once unless you are a toddler and have just devoured a peanut butter and jam sandwich and used not only your shirt, your pants but also your mothers pants to wipe your chubby cheeks clean.   

* NO ONE should have that many articles of clothing.  Who knew that 6 of us could generate that much laundry in just 6 short days.  
That doesn’t include bedding…which can wait until next week. It’s time to do a little spring cleaning on the wardrobe.

* you never know how blessed you feel when someone not only volunteers to take some of your laundry off of your hands but does almost all of it.  
Including folding everything for you so all you have to do is put it in the drawers. 
Even thought I know you probably don’t read my blog I just want to say Thank you!! 

* If you wait long enough the toddler will want to wash her stinky dibbi dibbi {Blanket} and will even put it into the machine for you with no screams or crying at all.

*laundry doesn’t need to get done every day and taking a break is **gasp** a good thing.

So maybe having a busted washer wasn’t such a bad thing?
But I sure do like having the option!



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