20 random facts about me

Jumping right into this list of my 30 things my kids need to know about me I’ll start with listing 20 random facts about myself.
In no particular order…and totally off the top of my head so some of these might probably shouldn’t even be on the list.

1. I have an uncanny sense of direction and can navigate strictly by memory sometimes I’m even surprised.
2. You will know I am comfortable where I am sitting if I cross my big toe on both feet.
3. I used to chop up worms when I was a kid, and watch the different pieces keep moving.
4. I’m very sensitive, and I don’t have very thick skin.
5. I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine. I love  creating something wonderful, but I hate that I am terrified that I might get stitched again.
6. I once knit a teddy bear for a Girl Guide service project when I was in high school. {We gave them to the Fire Department to give out on their calls}
7. My grandfather gave me a pen and pencil set as a graduation present to “Write myself out of jail” should the need ever arise.
8. I love dancing in the rain & splashing in puddles.
9. I feel most at home in the mountains or near the ocean.
10. Clowns are evil and they scare the crap out of me.  I don’t care what anyone says to try and prove otherwise.
11. My nana taught me how to cross stitch and to knit and one day I hope to pass that on to you.
12. I can change  learned how to change a tire in High School.
13. I have never worn a bikini but hope to get into one before I turn 40.
14. The only person who knows my natural hair color is God and he’s not sharing so that will just have to remain a mystery. 
15. I love Fruit, almost every kind.  In fact, I can’t think of a fruit I don’t like.
16. I played the flute in Junior High, horribly.
17. I have a horrible habit of taking your school grades as a reflection of my parenting.
18. I have a sewing box filled with letters I wrote to my nana when I was a little girl.
19. I wish I had of been a cheerleader when I was in high school.
20. I can’t handle scary movies anymore.  I’ll lie in bed freaking out in the dark at every strange noise days later.



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