Slacking off this summer

I have a confession to make.

I Have not been doing a good job of sticking to my grocery shopping routine this summer…
which means I often don’t know what’s for dinner (nor do I have the ingredients to make anything respectable).

I’ve got to kick myself back into gear because all these last-minute trips to the grocery store for one or two things are just not cutting anymore it honestly just feel that the waste time.

Normally menu planning looks a little like this.

Saturday morning I’m busy thumbing thru cookbooks and magazine planning out a weeks worth menus.
What looks good?
What would be easy?
Would my family eat it?

I would know what I’m making for dinner therefore I would know which ingredients I would need to pick up later on that afternoon.

That was before.

Now everything has changed.

Big daddy has taken a new job and is working out of town for 10 days at a time.

Three “cycles”down and now we are on “cycle #4” and I realized that we have slacked off falling back into a bad habit of “eating out” too much and eating “homemade” too little.

Since my oldest graduation my workouts have been sporadic.

I didn’t have a dress I needed to worry about squeezing into so I went from working out 5 days a week to *cough* 5 days in 2 or 3 weeks. Yikes!

But that’s all changed and now I have to figure out a new plan.

We purchased a omega juicer and much to our surprise it was here earlier than expected.

We picked out a few recipes, grabbed some fresh produce and now we juice twice a day. (One fruit juice and one veggie juice)

Juicing isn’t hard to do when you have the ingredient prepped and ready to go.

But when your hoarding peaches from your children it’s time for a change.

I need enough fresh produce for them to eat as much as they want while maintaining my juicing habit.

So it’s time to stop slacking!
The menu list is already in the works and now I’m adding extra so I can experiment with some new juice recipes.

I just have to figure out the best time to do my shopping.

It’s a lot harder when I’m dragging 3 children to the store and I find my cart gets bombarded with junk cereal, cookies and ice cream when they are with me


Am I the only one who’s been slacking this summer?

– Sweet Momma on the run


11 thoughts on “Slacking off this summer

  1. I think this summer has been tough overall! I know my work schedule has been totally haywire and it makes it difficult to keep on top of everything else. I'm easing back into my cooking routine too. We'll get there, some days I think you just have to go with it, LOL!


  2. You are not alone. Most evenings around here its not until someone's stomach starts to grumble that we think about a meal and by then its too late to cook or get things defrosted.


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