“Mr. Pete, Where are your feet?” Children’s book review

where are your feet

I received an E-copy of this book free of charge for review purposes. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

If the binoculars and dog eared bird guides I have stashed by the window wasn’t a clue already I am sure it won’t come as a surprise to anyone that I have a soft spot for birds.  

My windows are opened bright and early each morning so I can enjoy their beautiful songs while I sip my coffee.

I love to hear the happy chatter while we eat our lunch.

I post pictures on my twitter feed of my feathered visitors.  I made my father in-law drag out the step ladder so he could find “the perfect place ” to install our birdhouse in the choke cherry tree out front.

I even seeked out the services of a “bird enthusiast” to learn what I could personally do to make it more “hospitable” to my feathered friends.

If you were to ask my husband he would tell you that I am getting almost desperate in my attempts to fill the vacancy in my bird house.

I also love childrens books.  Love is probably an understatement if you were to peruse the stacks we have round the house.

Most months It’s a struggle to keep my mouth shut! It’s tricky trying not to impose my views on what books my children should be ordering that month.
I mean seriously have you looked at a book order form lately?!? So many stories to chose from!

It isn’t very often that those two interest collide so when I was offered the chance to read the story “Mr. Pete, where are your feet?”

I jumped at the chance.

I think what I loved most about this book is the fact that the feather friends in this story are the Authors real “pets”.  Sometimes the best stories are the ones closest to your heart.

The illustrations are simple and colourful capturing the attention of even the youngest reader.  

Written from a birds perspective the reader explores the importance of teamwork, friendship, and that it’s ok to be different.

The book was well-written and perfect for young children while the repetition is challenging enough for beginner readers.

You can purchase your own copy of the book here:

Because I work with children I always am looking for the Follow up activities that would work well with the story we just read.

Here are just a couple that peaked my interest from around the inter web.

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From caterpillar to butterfly

Painted Lady Butterflies

One of my favourite springtime activities to do with my children is to bring in the painted monarch butterflies.We are given the unique opportunity to watch them as they transform from tiny larvae to chrysalis to beautiful painted monarch butterflies.

It’s a chance to get up close and personal with some of our favourite bugs in a safe way.

We will be busy observing them and once the butterflies are ready to journey into the “wild unknown” we will have a picnic to celebrate their release.

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DIY:The best homemade playdough



As most of you beside being a mother to four and a part time blogger I am also an early child care provider.

With 4 children in my care under the ages of 4 one of our staple activities is the play-dough centre.

It won’t come as a big surprise when I share that we go thru a lot of it.

I have tried dozens of home made playdough recipes and this by far is my favourite.

It’s super fast to make.
Easy on the budget and clean up is quick and easy. Continue reading

Mother’s Day toddler style


Mother’s Day is Sunday.
Am I the only one who just isn’t ready?
Actually the entire day snuck up on me so mom, if your reading this…
We will celebrate when I see you next.

I may have forgotten myself and my own mom but I remembered early enough that the little ones in my care are covered

We want to make sure that we recognize mom for all the hard work and shower her with love.

These mommies trust their little ones in my care so we want to make sure that we honor mom.

This is a super quick and easy craft that anyone can do. (Even dads!)

I will share though that Trying to trace the hand of a seven-month-old and a one-year-old was a challenge.

Who knew it could cause 30 minutes of tears?

sharing the Good News!

I didn’t grow up in church.

I spent most of my Sunday mornings growing up with a bowl full of sugary cereal glued to the tv watching cartoons.

Easter had always been about the chocolate bunnies, the brightly coloured eggs and getting a new dress to proudly wear to church on Easter Sunday. ( we were Christmas and Easter Christians but that’s a story for another time.)

I’ve changed a lot since Those days long ago. (still like a bowl of captain crunch though…shh! Don’t tell!) Continue reading

Don’t be afraid to make a mess

Looking for ways to help your preschooler explore their world?
Toddlers are natural explorers and love learning about the world around them.

Sensory bins a great way to encourage learning and will keep your little ones engaged while developing new skills.

They are super easy to make and budget friendly too.

Don’t be afraid to let your little ones get messy!

Our first sensory box:


I picked up the plastic bin with lid for just under eight dollars and filled it with:
*split green beans
*black beans
*Romano beans
*pot barley
*bag of decorative stones.

I also purchased some new construction vehicles to create our “dumping and pouring” sensory bin.

Two toddlers can play comfortably with the size of this bin and when play is over the bin slides under the bed for perfect storage.


I also found this great Math manipulative over at the measured mom (And it’s free too!!) which we used to extend our play.

Do your kids enjoy sensory tubs? What’s their favorite ingredients?